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These techniques could potentially eliminate any illness or "dis-ease" you currently have EVEN IF YOU'VE SUFFERED WITH THEM FOR YEARS!  

You see, the body has its own divine wisdom within it. If you systematically remove the irritants, manage what you can and minimize what you can't, it is designed to respond with its own optimal health. There is a reason we manifest disease.  Most dis-eases are here to teach us lessons. When we learn the lessons, accept the gifts and participate in the process dis-ease provides, we no longer need the dis-ease and can let it go.

Let me show you how and let's make the process faster, shall we? 

There are SO many lifestyle changes you can make to help this process, if you only knew what they were. They don't have to be difficult or painful. If you just take some baby steps, they can open the door to a life you haven't thought you could manifest for years! 

Let's do this! Read the report. Follow our newsletters, engage with our social media and let's get a move on!  

- Dr. Denice Moffat

Life was meant to live! 
We should be enjoying every day to its fullest, but for some of us, there are some things that need to be done to fully participate. 

Even older bodies should be strong, flexible, full of life and energy and have great stamina to do whatever needs to be done. Don't let age be your cage. And please don’t be misled or deceived into thinking tips as simple as these cannot make you healthy. They can. The more you do, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

It's all about finding the best custom designed program for you and helping you determine what to do, how much to do, and what the best use of your time and dollars are right now in this moment. We can definitely help with that.

Start small and add a few steps each year. It adds up over time. Really. Be Healthy!

" If You Give The Body What It Needs, It Will Respond Accordingly. " 
Dr. Denice Moffat
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Dr. Denice Moffat
I am a naturopath, medical intuitive and veterinarian that has focused on alternative medicine techniques almost exclusively since 1993. I have internationally distributed Natural Health Techniques free Ezine Newsletter Ezine which reveals little-known health secrets, effective natural remedies, tricks, tips, options, recipes, thought- provoking feature articles and much more!

My focus is on using nutrition as medicine to bring cells back to perfect and optimal health.

"It all JUST seems so
I know. It was for me too when I first started out. Where do you begin? What can one person do? Well. . . here’s my take on it, and it has been working for myself and my clients for over 33 years now. . .

* Take the first steps to building your healing team.
* Detoxify the body to remove existing toxins.
* Stop, reduce or minimize the toxins going into your body.
* Fortify the body with superior nutrients that specifically work for your body so that it can rebuild happier, healthier cells.
* Find the foods and lifestyle changes uniquely best suited for you.
* Incorporate some of these 150+ Tips/Tricks/Hacks into your life to manifest the health you deserve!

Now, I know that some of you will be gung-ho and be able to manifest your optimal help quickly, but the body heals only as fast as the slowest parts are ready to heal. It's all good. We'll be here for you. 

Whatever steps you take in a positive direction towards health are what you need at this time. We're not here to judge. We ARE human! It took me several years to get many of these health tips incorporated into my life and to make them habit--it's a process. The thing is, I committed to doing them and I stuck with it until they became part of my life. You can do this to! 
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